Loading Bay Scissor Lift Table

 Loading Bay Scissor Lift Table

The Loading Bay Lift Table is intended to handle trolleys, wheelie bins and general goods.  Only authorised and trained persons associated with the load are permitted to ride on the lift platform.

The Loading Bay Lift Table is installed outdoors on an existing concrete slab, to descend 300mm higher than the lower (yard) floor level. Loading at the upper level will be across one 2000mm end of the lift platform, with loading at the lower level and to delivery vehicles across the opposite 2000mm end. Dock height is 1200mm.

Loading Bay Lift Table is a generally mild steel construction with standard painted finish as requested by the client.  Base frame, lift platform, handrails, goal post and connector plates in RAL5005 blue. Scissor mechanism in RAL 2010 orange.

Loading Bay Lift Table Platform make up is 2 x 2600mm platform sides – 1100mm high handrails, 1 x 2000mm end – the platform side that abuts the upper level comes with a goal post type rail, with 1960mm underneath the top bar (2000mm to top of bar), which forms a guard rail (1100mm higher than the upper level) when the lift is fully lowered.

As the lift elevates, the goal posts also raises, then allowing access onto the lift platform for loading and unloading. At 1 x 2000mm end – the lower level loading end is fitted with manually operated mild steel connector plates, for bridging across to delivery vehicles.

Supplied in three sections (350mm wide / 1200mm wide / 350mm wide) all with 400mm reach. The outer two sections can lock upright against the handrails. For added protection to personnel on the lift platform, we also include twin 1100mm high drop down barrier arms with gas strut and electrical sensor switch, so the lift can only be operated with the barriers down.

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