Loading Bay Goods Lift Somerset

 Loading Bay Goods Lift Somerset
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Loading Bay Goods Lift, Somerset

Loading Bay Lift TYPE TR-BD-40058 / TLX-50/160-4C with a SWL 3000kg, platform size 2850mm long x 1600mm wide, with smooth top plate. Lift stroke 1600mm with a closed height 400mm scissor lift is pit installed. OPERATION 3.5 kW compact electro-motor with hydraulic pump unit and adequately sized oil tank wired to IP55 Standard Power unit located inside the lift. POWER SUPPLY 400 Volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz. CONTROL VOLTAGE 24 Volts with IP55 insulated electrics. TRAVEL SPEED Approximately 49 seconds to maximum height.

INCLUDED 1100mm high handrails fixed to 2 x long sides of the platform 1100mm high interlocked safety gate fixed to 1 x short side of the table. Safety gate interlocked so the scissor table cannot be operated if the gate is open. Inspection hatch is located on the platform of the table to allow the unit to be maintained / fixed if the unit fails in the lower position. Transport eye bolts included to aid with positioning the unit on site. Adjustable landing legs included to aid with the positioning of the unit into pit. Upper limit switch included to set the raised height anywhere between the closed and raised heights stated above, this allows the raised height to match 1040mm. Mesh skirt is provided to 2 x long side of table and 1 x short side of table. Scissor table prepared for a later connection to 1 external gate/shutter door.

WEIGHT Approximately 900KG’s. STANDARD FINISH Blue (RAL 5017) & Black (RAL 9005) – spray painted. CONTROLS 1 x constant pressure UP & DOWN hand control unit with EMERGENCY STOP button and 4 meter long cable. SAFETY TRIP BAR Aluminium safety frame with built in safety function. If the safety frame is touched on its way down, the Lift stops immediately. To continue lowering, the table has to be raised a little to be able to lower again. MAINTENANCE Standard safety legs are provided to support the scissor lift mechanism in the raised position and must be deployed for all servicing and maintenance work.

Please note: As the unit is being loaded/unloaded with a powered pallet truck at the upper level, we have allowed for a reinforced table with anti-tilt protection included too minimise the deflection of the platform.

Installed; Chard Somerset

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