Hand Loaded Mezzanine Goods lift

Handloaded mezzanine goods lift

Hand Loaded Mezzanine Goods lift

Customised 250kg Handloaded mezzanine goods lift enclosed in a self-supporting mesh shaft. The platform will be 800mm x 1000mm and guarded 200mm high on the non-loading edges, the platform will dock 950mm above the finished upper floor level.

At the entrance to the lift at the lower level there will be 2000mm high double gates, while at the upper level there will be a fixed panel up to 950mm high with gates above.

The side frames at the upper landing will be reduced to 1600mm to accommodate the low roof height. The gates at both levels will be fitted with a slam shut lock, but will not be fitted with interlocks.

This means that the gates can be opened regardless of the platform position, so area to the lift should be restricted to trained operators only and a site specific safe system of work should be put in place.

Installed – Oxford Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

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