Goods Lifts Basement

Goods Lifts Basement
Through Floor Basement Lift Through Floor Lift Basement Underground Goods Lift Basement Floor Goods Lift Basement Goods Lift Basement Goods Lift Kimmeridge Dorset Goods Basement Lift Dorset lightbox MACby v6.1

Floor to Floor Basement Goods Lift installed Kimmeridge Wareham Dorset. Goods only lift with 1000kg capacity with a clear working platform size 860mm x 1927mm. Lift height 3150mm with telescopic roof, the roof is designed to fit flush with the upper floor aperture.

When in operation the lift will raise the upper floor of the hall allowing goods to be put onto the platform for storage below ground level. Transiting and detachable roof cover 40kg/m2 maximum loading, supplied with pit edge frame checker plate suitable to walk over. Low voltage ‘push to go’ push buttons fitted with key lock and emergency stop at each level. Lift finished Light Grey (RAL 9006) Dark Grey (RAL 7016) Support Structure Black. Power 3 phase, 415v, 50Hz, 3.0 Kw.

Lift supplied with auto locking shoot bolts. Basement ground floor only protection cage, consisting of 3 sides manufactured from box section steel with 25mm² galvanised mesh infill sides and double side-hinged loading gates.

The gates are fitted with a heavy duty interfaced lock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if a loading gate is not fully closed. In compliance with E.C rules (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)

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