Goods Lift Warwickshire

 Goods Lift Southam, Warwickshire with maximum working load 250kg

Goods Lift Southam, Warwickshire with maximum working load 250kg, enclosed in a self-supporting mesh shaft. The platform will be 1100mm x 1300mm and guarded 900mm high on the non-loading edges.

At the entrance to the lift at both levels there will be 2000mm high gates, which will be fitted with electrical interlocks to prevent the gates being opened unless the platform is docked at the appropriate level and prevent the lift being operated unless all gates are closed.

At the lower level a 500mm long fixed ramp will be provided to assist loading on to the 50mm deep platform. A 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply is required terminated in a double pole switch at the lower level.

Control is via a hold to run, push button control station adjacent to the gates at both levels. Goods Lift supplied CE Marked with Declaration of Conformity. Operation and Maintenance Manual issue on completion. LOLER Report of Thorough Examination and Test issued on commission. Operator training carried out on completion.

Delivery and Installation, Kineton Industrial Estate, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 0JH

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