Goods Lift Trained Attendant The BOXlift Pro

 Goods Lift Trained Attendant The BOXlift Pro The BOXlift Pro Goods lift with trained attendant freestanding designed to allow for two trained competent attendants to accompany the freight / goods safely and easily in buildings with high movement of goods between floors, ie shopping centres, department stores, warehouses, supermarkets and industrial installations.

The BOXlift Pro Goods lift with trained attendant having a lift capacity of 1000kg servicing 3 floors to 8400mm in total in a self-contained cladded steel tower for internal use RAL 7004, tower external dimensions 2404mm wide x 1720mm deep.

Internal platform car size 2000mm wide x 1550mm deep x 2000mm high. The lift platform is enclosed 3 sides painted steel panels RAL 7032, ceiling galvanised with fluorescent lighting and floor painted RAL 7032 lift car fitted with protective PVC bump rails.

The car operating panel includes key switch to operate the lift from inside the car. Landing control panel; brushed stainless steel finish, including call and send, emergency stop and door open siren.

 At each level the lift is supplied with twin manual opening swing doors Single entry (same side loading) size 1900mm x 2000mm painted RAL 9005. To aid the movement of goods the lift at ground floor is supplied with aluminium chequer plate access ramp.

A lockable control panel is located on the top floor size 800mm x 600mm x 2060mm, the lift has an operating speed 0,15 m/s – power supply 415 v 3 phase 50 Hz.

Items included;

  • Amphitech emergency dialer
  • Electronic O&M manual with drawings, installation manual,wiring diagrams, certification.
  • CD with technical documentation.
  • Tested and prewired electrical installation
  • Lift complies with the Machine Directive 2006/42 CE
  • Installation took two weeks – location Birmingham
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