Goods Lift Plymouth Cornwall

 Goods Lift Plymouth Cornwall

Roll Cage Freight Lift Cornwall Pallet Lift Plymouth Cornwall lightbox MACby v6.1

Goods Lift with Capacity 3000Kg EDL Goods Only; Lift Stroke 3200mm available limited to the required height of approx. 2500mm using an adjustable upper limit switch. Raised height 3900mm when floor standing, closed height 700mm – 705mm pit depth required. Platform length 3000mm Platform width 1500mm. Lift time Approx. 83 seconds to full height.

Power 3ph 380-500v remote unit complete with 5M of hydraulic hose and cabling power pack housed within a protective cover.

Special Application; 1100mm high mild steel handrails complete with mid rail and 150mm high kick plates suitable for mounting along both long and  short ends of the lift platform. One  long side will be fitted with 1100mm high handrail returns on the outside and in the middle and will have double outward opening hinged gates complete with mechanical latch and electrical interlock so that the gates can only be opened when the lift is at the correct level. The remaining long side will remain open as this will abut up against the upper level wall. The upper level will be fitted with similar floor mounted 1100mm high double outward opening hinged gates complete with mechanical latch and electrical interlock. One long side will also be fitted with a mild steel galvanised woven mesh panel fitted behind the safety trip bar to enclose the scissor mechanism when in the raised position.  Lift supplied with 2 x standard deadman type wall mountable controls will be supplied complete with scissor up, scissor down and e/stop buttons (one for each level).

The lift will be fitted with encapsulated running wheels within channels. Box section supports (pit props) will be fitted in each corner of the lift table base frame to prevent platform deflection whilst loading across all platform sides in the closed position. The complete lift will be finished in a highly durable, long lasting self-undercoating two part textured powder coat. RAL 5002 Blue and RAL 2010 Orange. Component parts finished in grey/black gloss.

  • Warranty Three years parts and labour warranty, five years structural warranty
  • Carriage Included using a Hi Ab equipped delivery vehicle

Installed, Forge Lane, Moorlands Trading Estate, Saltash, Plymouth, Cornwall, PL12 6LX

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