Goods Lift Platform Lifts installed in London

Goods Lift Platform Lifts installed in London

Goods Lift Platform Lifts installed in London

Goods Lift, carriage of goods and trained operator rated at 1000kg SWL capacity with a travel height 3950mm 2 stops. Cabin size 2200mm width x 2800mm in depth with a clear head height 2400mm. Goods Lift installed into a 110mm pit. Lift Shaft Doors: 2 double panel hinged doors in double wall construction, prime coated, with windows 100mm x 300mm and additional door handle on the inside without fire protection.  Door width: 2200 mm, Door Height: 2400 mm, hinges on left/right hand side.

Gear Motor (flat construction) 7.5 kW 400 VAC with integrated disc brake. Disc brake can be manually disengaged via a dead man lever (i.e. when the lever is released, the brake re-engages).  Current:  15 I/amp nominal, and 90 I/amp initial.  Chain drive.

Lift Cab: Prime coated steel section construction with safety grab and speed governor. Lift cage with protective mesh guard to prevent trapping of foreign objects, not suitable to stand on, cab walls of welded sheet steel. Lift cabin floor of smooth sheet metal.  One cabin collapsible mid bar gate.  Please note that the clear opening width will be approx. 1900mm wide x clear cabin depth between collapsible gate and cabin rear wall is approx. 2675mm.

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Lift Shaft: Not fire protected or weather resistant. Prime coated construction for erection in building.  The shaft is a self-supporting structure comprised of sheet steel cladding, 1.5 mm thick, primed before despatch.  All side panels and doors are of non-flammable material.

Electrical Equipment: Lockable relay cabinet with mains switch, located inside   building.

  • Exterior control panels (operator controls)
  • Emergency stop switch and floor indicators
  • Control Type: Call and send
  • Inverter Supplied for soft start finish

Cabin control panel with travel display, overload display, emergency call button, auto-dialler and emergency stop button. Push button controls only active when key switch is in the “on” position, system under local control. Safe guard key can only be removed when switched in the “off” position. Also when in “on” position, operation of lift is in dead-man control (continuous pressure) mode.

  • Goods Lift additional features 1 No. Fluorescent lamp provided in cabin, 2 No. E-Magnetic lock and magnetic switch, 3 No Audible overload device
  • Finish; All steel parts are prime coated ((RAL7032) – pebble grey). Cabin floor with non-slip coating (RAL7040)
  • Goods Lift with single trained operator manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Special designs in terms of size, travel height, material (stainless steel) and paint finish are available on request
  • Installed in Central Park, Central Way, London, NW10 7FY

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