Galvanised Goods Lift installed in Norfolk

Galvanised Goods Lift installed and commission 2000kg for a frozen food company in Norfolk Galvanised Goods Lift installed in Norfolk

Galvanised Goods Lift with a total raised height of 6550mm and a lift capacity of 2000kg. Platform is Anti-Skid Galvanised checker plate with a usable platform size 1550mm x 1530mm. Platform fitted with Shot Bolts as standard engaging at upper level when the lift parks. Additional protection/load positioning guard rails along the short sides of the lift platform.

Loading over-travel buffers fixed to the support structure at upper and lower level.

At ground level the self-supporting structure is fitted with 2200mm High Saloon Style Gates. The upper level is integrated with the roller shutter loading doors and traffic light system. The roller shutter door with not open until the lift platform is docked.

The upper level self-supporting structure is fitted with 2000mm high enclosure to stop personnel from leaning over. The support structure will require additional support from the building steel framework.

The bottom saloon gate fitted with Heavy Duty interfaced lock system to ensure that the loading gate can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if a loading gate on any level is not fully closed.

The lift was also supplied with the following

  • Manual lowering in event of power failure:
  • Maintenance contract (2 visits per year):
  • 1 off lift prop – required during lift inspections and routine maintenance:
  • Bund tray for lift hydraulic power unit to prevent oil spillage/leakage:
  • Motor room electrical signage (Authorised personnel, high voltage etc):
  • Electrical isolation matting in lift control area

  • Operation is by Electro-hydraulic 3 phase, 415v, 50Hz, 5.5Kw  Controls Low voltage ‘Press to Go’ push buttons fitted with key lock and emergency stop at each level. Lift Speed is 12cm / sec
  • Warranty twelve months labour and parts from date of installation or fifteen months from date of delivery, whichever is the sooner
  • EC Certificate of Conformity (According to Appendix 11 of the EC directive 98/37/EECO) is supplied confirming the equipment offered conforms to the essential requirements indicated by  The Machine Directive 98/37/CE and The Low-Tension Directive 73/23/EEC and its subsequent amendments 93/68
  • The following rules are also taken into consideration: UNI EN 1493 (as much as can be applied) -EN 292/1/2-EN294-EN349-EN418-EN982-EN 593-EN 594-1-EN 1037-EN 1088-EN 60204-1
  • Load Testing was also carried out by the lift engineers (Test Weights supplied by Speedy Hire Norwich)
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