Galvanised Goods Lift installed Bracknell Berkshire

 Galvanised Goods Lift Bracknell Berkshire
Galvanised Goods Lift Goods Lift Goods Lift Bracknel -Berkshire Goods Lift Galvanised lightbox MACby v6.1

Galvanised Goods Lift 500 kg capacity recessed into floor (pit by others). Platform size Overall Width 2000mm Depth 1800mm (useable depth 1600mm) Rise 4570mm 2 stops. Controls Low voltage ‘Press to go’ push buttons fitted with key lock and emergency stop at each level. Electrics 3 phase, 415v, 50Hz, 3Kw.

Lift speed upgraded 15cm per second. Shot Bolts are fitted as standard; these lock the platform in the raised position making it safe for personnel to walk on. Galvanised support structure a fully supporting lift structure, manufactured from box section steel without infill sides and side-hinged loading gates at lower level, height 2200mm at lower level.

The gates are fitted with a heavy duty interfaced lock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if a loading gate on any level is not fully closed. Upper level guarding increased to 2200mm.

Lift supplied with Load Indication – Slow down switch fitted (for soft landing) Manual lowering in event of power failure, 1 off lift prop – required during lift inspections and routine maintenance, Electrical isolation matting in lift control area. Safety In compliance with E.C rules (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)

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