Galvanised Goods Lift Birkenshaw Bradford West Yorkshire

 Galvanised Goods Lift Birkenshaw Bradford West Yorkshire


Installed; Birkenshaw, Bradford, West Yorkshire

External Hot Dipped Galvanised Goods Lift with Man on Board controls for 1 trained operator and goods only. 1000kg Goods lift with a clear working platform size 1500mm x 2500mm.

Goods Lift is situated in a 150mm pit (by other) with a travel height 8500mm over 4 stops. Platform material anti-skid checker plate, Operation Electro-hydraulic, Electrics 3 phase, 415v, 3.0Kw.

The Goods Lift is fitted with “Press to go’ Push Button Controls at all landing levels, additional Man-On-Board Controls positioned on the lift platform consisting of “up” and “down” buttons, emergency lowering, emergency stop, intercom and telephone, return to floor button and auxiliary battery back-up system (in case of power failure), positioning control sensors on the platform, platform balustrades on the  long sides.

Load cells chains tension control: EC type approved certificate issued by a primary Notified Body IMQ. Lift is also fitted with shot bolts that are positioned under the platform these engage into the main ring beam of the support structure at each floor level making it safe for personnel to walk / operate on.

A fully supporting, hot dipped galvanised lift structure, manufactured from box section steel with 25mm² galvanised mesh infill panels and 4 loading gates, ground level, level 1 gate, level 2 gate and level 3 gate.

The gates are fitted with heavy duty gate locks, interfaced lock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if a loading gate on any level is not fully closed. Lower Twin opening gates 2100mm High.

Upper level to finish 1500mm above finished floor level with twin opening gates. To bridge the lift to the existing structure approx. 1500mm supply support framework galvanised infill with checker plate and hand rails. Motor and control Cabinet to house the control panel and motor in a watertight cabinet approx. size 2000mm x 700mm x 800mm.

Goods Lift Galvanised Goods Lift Gates Galvanised Goods Lift Hot Dipped Galvanised Goods Lift Outside Goods Lift Platform Hot Dipped Goods Lift Shaft Hot Dipped Goods Lift West Yorkshire Man on Board Controls Man-on-Board-Goods-Lift Mezzanine-Gates-Galvanised Mezzanine-Goods-Lift-Galvanised Mezzanine-Goods-Lift-Ht-Dipped-Galvanised External Mezzanine Goods Lift Galvainsed Gantry Galvanised Goods Lift Platform Goods Lift Birkenshaw Goods Lift Bradford Goods Lift External lightbox MACby v6.1

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