Bespoke Design Goods Lift Shepshed Loughborough

Bespoke Design Goods Lift Shepshed Loughborough Bespoke Design Goods Lift Shepshed Loughborough

Custom build twin mast 4 stop through car Goods Lift 500kg installed Shepshed Loughborough with a clear platform size 2500mm x 1500mm, finished floor level 6976mm. Platform fitted with 2 x 1100mm high infilled panels on the non-loading sides and twin infilled opening interlocked gates on loading sides painted Red RAL 3020. Goods lift supplied with safety shoot bolts, 120mm x 2580mm x 1250mm loading ramp at lower level and “Press to Go” one touch controls with emergency stop at both levels.

The self-supporting lift structure manufactured from 120mm box section steel with clad infilled panels RAL 7016. Goods lift manufactured with 2000mm high twin loading gates clad and Perspex viewing panels at each level and these are fitted with magnetic interlock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if loading gates on any level are not fully closed. The overall height of the upper level guarding is 2249mm

General Specification

  • Emergency lowering system when power is cut off
  • Pre wired control box included magnetic starter and overload fuse
  • Upper level travel limit switch and overload relief valve
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature emergency velocity fuse if line breaks
  • Control points are fitted to both ground and upper floor levels
  • The hydraulic power pack and electrical system housed separately at ground level
  • The raised height of the lift is governed by a switch system to ensure that the lift platform parks level with upper floor
  • Lifting speed 0.14 m/s
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Manual Handling Solutions Goods Lifts have a wealth of experience in the design, manufacturing process and installing cost effective goods lifts in commercial, residential and industrial buildings properties throughout Leicestershire and the UK. We can design, manufacture and install a bespoke goods lift that accommodates almost any space and specifications. Our goods lifts are the ideal solution for moving goods in warehouse, factories, supermarkets, car dealership, distribution centres and pharmaceutical.

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