Bakery Trolley Goods Lift London

Bakery Trolley Goods Lift London
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Bakery Trolley Lift / Goods Lift installed London lift rated at 100kg with a platform size 840mm x 700mm (door opening 700mm) the bakery trolley lift is located in the basement of the bakery and extends through the first floor aperture into the main shop.

The travel distance being 2860mm lift supplied with ramp at basement level. Operation of the lift is Traction Motor 2kw Drum D40, 2 ropes x 6mm with controls PLC lift logic control board and push-buttons for the levels, sensors and shaft wiring.

Lift safety, Safety chain 24 VDC, Rupture valve, CRS electronic safety unit according EN81-2 A3 to prevent unintended movement – this allows a person to enter on the platform during loading only over speed governor CE mark EN81-1. Visual; Platform is moving, door is open, safety chain off, platform is on level, overload, error or protection activated.

Overload, start moving, Lift speed 0,10 m/s. Lift Doors Wide 700 mm x H 2000mm Metal door, with viewing glass, push buttons integrated in the door frame, elevator safety lock with CE mark according EN81-2. Door closer, automatic lock and unlock from the platform in the door zone.

Lift shaft W980mm x D1090mm Type Light model structure – SEMI Self-supported metal structure, model 2015, for indoor installation, without roof, sheet metal solid cladding Epoxy painting RAL 7024. Lift controls are “Push to go” (one touch).  The internal car is fully enclosed in stainless steel sheeting enabling the trolley to travel safely in transit.

This type of lift is ideal for restaurants, bars, bakeries, hotels, clubs, pubs – Installed Queensway, London, W2 4SJ



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